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Farm Security System
Fully Automatic , Two-Way Radio

The Farm Security Alert System is unique and unmanned system. Electric Fence & Perimeter Control. Farm Security Panic. Farm Security Alert System: The only unique radio panic system in the world, using two-way radios and “SMS” system.


Farm Security Alert System

The Farm Security Alert System is unique and unmanned system. Fully Automatic – no operators that can fall asleep.

The system can be programmed for various applications. 100% reliable.

This system is running now for 13 years in the Free State Province and some areas in other provinces and it had saved many lives. We can not give any further details as this is a security matter.

Once the emergency button is pressed on the radio, panic button, etc. or the number of the Farm Security Alert System is dialled, the Farm Security Alert System is activated. Radio signals are transmitted without voice to the Stand-alone computer system and to radios alarms are activated in the area. Warning the community of the incident. The person that is making the alarm is discrete. (no noise) even just by dialing the number, no conversation is needed (You even dial the number and throw away your cell phone or communication device)

The Farm Security Alert System tests itself as well as the Repeater site (if required) on a random daily basis. Certain pre-programmed, Commando officers and Farmers get these test messages on their cell phones.

The system can be activated with either of the following communication equipment

  • Two-way radio equipped with 5-Tone (Alan/ Midland HM35 series, DV 2066/2135 series, Marnet Radios, etc.)
  • Cell phones
  • Telephones
  • Fax machines

Alarms on the radios will either show the person who activated the alarm caller’s number or the caller’s name. The system can work with cell phones and or radio. 

The Farm Alert Security system will automatically send out SMS alarms to the various essential community members, as well as to neighbouring farm members, stating the caller’s name, address and what type of emergency it was. This system is a must in every farm house. 

RTS in conjunction with the Central Agriculture Security Unit will on request attend a meeting and demonstrate the system to its full capacity.


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