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Car Mobile Radio Megajet MJ-400 Turbo
Russian and European Frequency Grids


Megajet mj-400 uses 240 frequency channels of Russian and European frequency grids (240r + 240e) to operate. The maximum power of the transmitter is 8 W. There is a quick switching from the European to the Russian frequency grid at the touch of a button.

For the most accurate setting and stability of work in The megajet mj-400 Turbo, a modern frequency synthesizer with phase construction is provided. The radio station itself has non-volatile memory and saves user settings when power is turned off.

Megajet mj-400 Turbo features a compact housing, the model has high noise protection and works with amplitude and frequency modulated/FM signals, It is also possible to connect an external loudspeaker. The station can be used in both stationary and mobile versions, due to its energy independence.

Radio Station Functions

  • Power 8 W
  • Fast switching between Russian and European grids
  • CPU Samsung 3p8249xzz-twr9
  • Energy-independent memory of channels and settings
  • LCD display
  • Light blue color
  • Efficient all-metal radiator-panel with increased cooling surface
  • Speaker of increased power of the Company "star" (8 ohms, 3 W, square 76x76mm)
  • Reliable tangent with dynamic microphone ds-3051-150 om
  • Listening to two channels dual watch
  • Channel scanning (scan)
  • RF signal level indication (RX / TX) and mic (modulation)
  • Channel/frequency indication (FRQ)
  • Backlight buttons control
  • Emergency configuration on Channel 9 (Ch9)
  • Function of sound confirmation of keystrokes (BP)
  • Transmission end signal function (RB)
  • Three memory
  • Ability to connect an external speaker

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